When you need more customers, This is What Yiou Do.

The #1 problem marketers face is attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. Unless you’ve aligned your message flow with the primitive mind’s natural decision-making flow, you’re out of sync and you're not bringing on new customers. Mind Code Marketing strategist and copywriter Gary Hennerberg shows you how to align sales messaging with the natural flow of pathways through the human mind in his new book, Crack the Customer Mind Code. Each pathway passes from one area of the brain to another, stimulating thinking and emotion, leading prospective customers to say “Yes!” Check out Hennerberg’s analysis and thinking now in his blog at CustomerMindCode.com, and get a FREE copy of “When You Need More Customers, This is What You Do.” In a hurry to turn around your results faster? Contact Gary now.

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My new book, Crack the Customer Mind Code: Seven Pathways from Head to Heart to Yes!, is immediately available as a Kindle download.

We’re experienced direct marketers who have transitioned and broadened our perspectives from the offline marketing world of direct mail advertising and print to internet marketing, email marketing, online video marketing, pay-per-click, social media marketing and more.

Watch our marketing example videos where you’ll see the behind-the-scenes description of our marketing turnarounds. You’ll learn our process for analysis, strategy, unique selling proposition development, and how we use data to turnaround marketing campaigns.

Staying relevant requires reinventing your skills and marketing approaches. As we have evolved and reinvented our traditional direct marketing skills over the years, the editors of Target Marketing Magazine look to us to share our thought leadership how to sell today.

How do we do it? Here’s our three-step process:

  1. Analysis and diagnosis. As a proven direct marketing consultant, Hennerberg digs deeply into your data and interpret trends to discover where marketing turnaround and new product sales opportunity lies.
  2. Create your marketing test plan. We determine whether your marketing message belongs online or offline – we’re media agnostic, driven to recommend only what makes sense for your bottom line.
  3. We put the strategic marketing plan to action. Great ideas are easy to dream up. Putting ideas into action is tough, but our track record and marketing examples speak for themselves.


Watch our marketing example videos where we share how we used a purpose/frequency/free content strategy to turnaround marketing revenues by 20%. How we used data from a model to better understand the composition of customers and increase sales by 35%. Or how we identified a unique selling proposition and repositioned a product that increased sales by 60%.

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